Professional Partnerships

We help professionals boost their retail product sales by 125% incorporating our exclusive Indy Hemp Rx sales platform within their practices offering Farmacology Hemp CBD products to their customers!

Estheticians, Dermatologists, Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors Veterinarians, Health Food Stores Pharmacy Distributors, and Vape Shops.

Save Lives with HempLucid Farmacology Hemp CBD and Partner with Waltz Capital CBD Benefit Management & Distribution!

Provide your clients with exclusive access to nationally recognized CBD Brands - HempLucid & Farmacology Hemp CBD products for your practice or store.


Don't compete in your industry, Dominate it!

Facilitate yourself as as an expert in Hemp CBD, provide additional value to your practice, and boost your revenue with Indy Hemp Rx & Farmacology.

At Indy Hemp Rx, we offer the marketing tools, sales ideas and back office support that is required to help you succeed in selling Farmacology CBD to your customers.

There is a lot of confusion and awareness simultaneously currently going on with Cannabidoil and its medical benefits that it provides us within our Endocannabinoid System. Let us be your expert! Tap into our knowledge and resources about Hemp CBD's benefits that can be passed down to your clients and community.  
Indy Hemp Rx Partnership Platform @ Waltz Capital,LLC
  • Access to wholesale prices for Farmacology CBD products
  • Custom Orders available with product package minimums.
  • Back Office Support - client conference calls, administrative, sales ideas, marketing materials & more! 
Hemp CBD products is a very hot market at the moment. Please don't miss this opportunity. Many of your clients are already using Hemp CBD products. Would you rather have them purchase it from you instead? Take advantage of boosting your company's bottom line and help your clients alleviate their chronic medical conditions!


For more interest about Indy Hemp Rx's wholesale partnership, please email or call our office at  317-697-4012 or